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how can I get a new sim card?

I lost my phone and I need a new sim card. how do I order a new one?



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If you are near by one of this couche tard
it is your best option

Otherwise you need to order by mail, however, poste canada have some problem with the delivery

To order it

You can buy a new SIM card if your card or phone was lost or stolen.

1- Go to My Plans in your Fizz account.
2- Scroll to the Plan you wish to change.
3- Click on Manage and choose Change SIM.
4- Select Order a SIM card.
5- Select your reason for ordering a new SIM card and click Continue.
6- Add your shipping address. This is the address where we will ship your SIM card. It may or may not be the same as your home address.
7- Choose your shipping method.
8- Select a payment method and click Submit order to pay for your SIM card.
... When you receive your SIM card, go back to Change SIM and select Activate your SIM to replace it.

Know that once your SIM card order has been validated, it’ll be impossible for you to cancel it.

Hello Shoshana,

You can order a new one in your account, but be aware that there are currently some delivery problems. I suggest you buy on in a couche-tard on this map :
You can still get à $35 referral bonus when you activate it.
Have a great day !



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I hope you have found a SIM card and are getting your phone service restored.

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Good weekend to you!