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Data was working, but not anymore

Does anywone have issues with their LTE (data). Mine worked for about 2 weeks but suddenly stopped during the weekend. (I didn't change any settings). MMS also stopped working. I contacted support by chat and they said this issue needs to be escaladed...
I'm just wondering if something like this happened to somebody else before and how it was fixed.

As you can see on attached screenshot, data was working and consumed correctly. It just stopped working on it's own. (Didn't change the APN settings and my carrier is still "Fizz" selected automatically.



I already looked for firmware update but none are available, I'm already at the latest version. No operator settings update (android) but APN are ok. I checked my sim card status and mobile network state either shows "connecting" or "disconnected".

Allison, thanks for the hint.

I tried deleting my apn settings and my phone reverted to the default settings (videotron). While on default, I have LTE working. Then I re-added fizz APN settings and now I don't.

The thing I find weird is that it worked for a while (2 weeks) so it seems that Fizz changed something on their side?