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No data all weekend!

The network was down for pretty much all of Friday. I was able to use data, but calls and texting were not possible. As of Saturday morning I can call and text again, but since that time, I've had no data. It's especially frustrating that it insists that I'm connected to 3G (we're paying for LTE), which would *almost* be acceptable if it were true. But that's not actually the case; no apps are communicating with the internet.

Why did it suddenly stop working? Did the fix for the downed phone network involve destroying the internet access? Will I start receiving the service that I'm paying for again, or will I be getting my money back? At a certain point, collecting payment and not delivering on a service becomes theft.



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The fix they did overnight seems to have caused problems for a lot of people's apn settings. The fix for it seems to be to create a new apn setting, reusing the details from the Fizz website, and start using that one. But, you'll only get H+ speeds. LTE is still down for most of us, with no ETA from Fizz as to it returning.

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