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LTE Data uplink at 0Mbps, downlink is fine?

New user with at LG V20 (Android 7.0), 14Gb data plan. Many android apps (Google Maps, Spotify, Google Play Store) aren't loading because of poor uplink speeds of 0Mbps. Presumably data requests aren't being sent so nothing can be returned. However, speedtests show great DL throughput.



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Is this a new issue or it always as been this way?

You might have a compatibility issue here. LTE band 4 is need 1700/2100 for full data if I'm not mistaking.

Check it out here:

Cgeers :)

I apologize it's not a compatibility issue.

Must be Fizz network related, if it does not resolve you might consider putting a ticket in by filling the contact form on your My Profile page

Cheers :)