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Fizz "unsubscribed" me out of nowhere and deactived my line?!

I got an email at midnight saying I had requested to unsubscribe on November 19th and my line was officially unsubscribed. I NEVER REQUESTED THIS! Now my phone doesn't work at all. I'm furious!


This is really not cool!!

Come on Fizz Team you have to be more careful about these things!!!

Hope they get this sorted out fast for you Alexandre...

Keep us posted please, this is a major issue to me, totally unacceptable...

Cheers :)

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Are you saying that you payed till Nov 30, 2018... and your cut off? That's not right

I never unsubscribed, yet this email says I requested it on the 19th. My billing cycle starts on the 1st of the month, so they unsubscribed me a day early technically. I had a ticket open for voicemail issues on the 14th and it was resolved on the 19th. I'm convinced the employee who worked on my ticket deactivated my account in the process. Completely unacceptable.