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my SIM did not arrive since 8 days, any reason why?

I ordered my SIM card last Saturday 2018-11-24, the shipment status shows shipped and estimated arrival date 2018-11-26 but till today I did nor receive it. I tried to contact the customer service but couldnt since there is no chat bubble when I log on my account



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You should either try to contact them using Messenger, or try those steps to have the chat (during working hours) : https://communaute.fizz.ca/questions/1814668-obtenir-bulle-chat-presqu-coup
One important step in my experience is to disable any ad-blocker (like uBlock origin, AdBlock, Privacy Badger, etc.) for the fizz domain.
They should be able to either give you a tracking number or give you more details on your order.

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