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Why does my mobile data disconnect/reconnect all the time even though APN setting already done manually?

First off, when I got my sim card and inserted in my phone, I never receive any notifications how to put the pass to activate my mobile data, second, I tried to activate my mobile data manually ( APN setting) as instructed by FIzz website but it works intermittently and it is not stable at all. I have to disconnect and reconnect all the time to establish internet which dies not last a few minutes. My phone signal (calls) is very good and no problem there but it's only data that is acting all the time.
One more note is that, I tried to reestablish APN setting manually again but it seems that once set, it could not be saved and I have to do it again.



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What helped for me was deleting other APN's that were also present, so that only Fizz is left. After that, it stopped disconnecting/reconnecting every minute or so.

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