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Will my next billing cycle be on the “regular” price, or do I get another 2 billing cycles at the BETA price?

I began service on the Beta plan on 20 Nov.
I have 26 days left on my first billing cycle.
I am still in my 15 day trial period.
My understanding when I signed up was that I would get 3 months service at the Beta prices, then have the choice to continue at whatever “competitive” pricing FIZZ would propose.
HOWEVER: When I go to “change my plan”, to set up voicemail as advised by the FIZZ website, it shows my current plan is $34/month.
THEREFORE:I would like to know what my next billing cycle will be, so I can plan to act accordingly.
While I appreciate the wonderful and helpful people in the community, I would really appreciate it if a FIZZ rep could answer this directly. I need an answer I can count on before the end of my trial period, but definitely before the end of my billing cycle.
Yes, I could use the CHAT function during operating hours, but the wait times are very long, and I don’t always have time to wait online.

Hey Lucien L,

Please forgive me for misunderstanding the situation and thank you for the kind words, we will reply to your questions in private :)

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Unfortunately Lucien, Fizz tech don't give to much advise on here. As I understand it, you are right. If you activated your plan before midnight on Nov. 20th, you were illegible to the 3 months beta price, unless you change your plan, BUT would only take effect on your next billing period.

That being said, I can't find any infos about billing period, but my guess is that they are different for each one of us starting from the date you activated your plan (That would be nice).

I'll try to get the info from CS as I'm also interested into knowing...

Keep you posted...

Jut found this, if you can acces it. That is where you will find your billing cycle info.

I don't have that "See usage" link on my account, probably because I don't have data to my plan.

To see how long gifted data is valid:
  1. Go to My Plans in your Fizz account.
  2. Under the plan you wish to view (if you have more than one) click on See usage.
  3. This will open the Usage screen, which lists all your gifts, Add-Ons, Rollovers, etc. The blue arrow will tell you which data bucket you are currently using. On the right hand side you can see how many days are left for your gifted data.

Screenshot: Usage screen


Thank you for your help Rene. I wanted to know about the price for my NEXT billing cycle, not how much data I used.
I would happily gift you all my data, if you use any. I
think that following the instructions on the FIZZ website scr#wed me over on the plan price.
I tried to get a response on CHAT, but they just cut me off after I waited 2hrs.
Fizz service is just too frustrating and time consuming. If they can’t get their VM & other services together and give me the price they promised, then I’ll just cancel and sign up with Tellus or Rogers.
A slightly lower monthly price is NOT WORTH all this wasted time and aggravation!

I get you buddy! I would probably do the same if I coudn't rely on my office cellphone.

Regarding what I posted earlier, I know that the page is about data usage but if you look closely you'll find info about your billing cycle as well. But then again how much it's going to cost you on the next bill is nowhere to be found in the account area, unless you look into the service agreement file maybe.

There should be a new file there if you changed plan.

Best of luck my friend!

Unfortunately, since they're not out of the beta period, any change to your plan will result in you being charged launch prices as of the next month.

Hi Lucien,

In response to your questions:

(Q) "My understanding when I signed up was that I would get 3 months service at the Beta prices, then have the choice to continue at whatever “competitive” pricing FIZZ would propose." 

(An) This is correct

(Q) HOWEVER: When I go to “change my plan”, to set up voicemail as advised by the FIZZ website, it shows my current plan is $34/month.

(An) This behaviour is normal as the VM option is attached to our rate plans. In your situation, you want to add VM as you do not have it - this would mean you would need to change your rate plan to include VM - yourself- being in Beta if you chose to change your plan now, you will lose your Beta pricing. (That is the reason why you are seeing the $34/Month)

(Q)THEREFORE:I would like to know what my next billing cycle will be, so I can plan to act accordingly.

(An) Sure, your next billing cycle will start of Dec 19th  - if you change your plan today, on Dec 19th your new plan will take effect, I agree this is not super clear, and I will have our teams look into this to clearly define the billing cycles i.e. 30 days in our FAQ.

I hope this helps :)

Hello Whizz.

Thank you for your response.  You seem like a nice moderator who truly wants to be helpful, but I think you misunderstood the situation. 

I said that I went to “change my plan”, to set up voicemail as advised by the fizz website.  You made the assumption that my plan did not include Voicemail, but it already did! 

I did not agree to “Change” my plan in any way, but FIZZ changed it without my agreement!.  Please let me explain. 

I apologize in advance for the length, but this is a tragedy of interlinked FIZZ service faults, and I want to be clear so that you can understand exactly what happened.

1)    FIZZ activated my voicemail (VM) when it activated my SIM card on Nov. 20th.  HOWEVER I did not get any text with a PIN.  I did not place a PIN on my VM either, as I have NEVER been able to access it.  The first time I tried to access my VM, I could not, as it needed a PIN.  This is still the situation.

2)   I contacted FIZZ through CHAT.  After a long wait, the agent could not help at all.  She could not reset the PIN, tell me what it is, or have FIZZ text it to my phone#.  She just generated ticket MVNOFIZZGEN-1842, and essentially said it would be resolved whenever FIZZ got around to it.  Not very encouraging, as I have read other complaints from FIZZ clients that say their VM has not worked for weeks.

3)   I diligently searched the solutions and discussions forums, posted questions, verified my network settings, etc.  Everything was properly configured on my end, I just needed the VM PIN from FIZZ to access my voice messages.

4)   The FIZZ website has instructions on how to reset the VM PIN.  https://fizz.ca/voice-mail-pin-reset. This link unfortunately produces a 404 page error.

5)   The FIZZ website has instructions on how to access voicemail.  (https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-do-i-access-my-voicemail)

6)   I followed the FIZZ website instructions to verify that my VM was indeed active.  It was.

7)   I toggled the on/off button in an attempt to “reset” the VM, so that I could finally access it.  That is when my plan price changed WITHOUT ANY WARNING!!! 

8)   I did not click the “agree” button, but backed out of that page.  I did not want to change the plan.  I just wanted to “reset” and access the VM on the plan that I had already purchased!

9)   Unfortunately, the plan was changed by FIZZ anyhow, without my agreement.

10)                  I contacted CHAT again yesterday to follow up and resolve these issues.  I waited 2hrs, then FIZZ terminated the CHAT due to “lack of an agent”.  (Seriously?)


·       Shouldn’t there be some warning before changing a plan, AND some agreement by the client?

·       Is it FIZZ’ policy to trick clients through website misinformation into making changes to their plans by mistake, so that FIZZ does not have to provide its service at the lower prices it originally agreed to? 

·       If not, then shouldn’t FIZZ help me resolve this and give me the BETA price I signed up for for the next 2 billing cycles?

·       Why should I be forced to pay $34 for the next two billing cycles just because I followed the FIZZ website instructions to reset my VM, when I was promised the BETA price for 3 months, and never agreed to any plan changes?

·       Is it unreasonable to expect that if a change was mistakenly made because of FIZZ website instructions AND without my agreement, that the original agreement would still apply, especially since ere are so many problems, and I am still not getting access to the VM service I originally contracted for?

·       Is it reasonable for a client to wait patiently for 2hrs for a CHAT agent, then just be cut off without any viable method of resolving the problem?  (FB and posts to this forum are an unacceptably “hit and miss” form of problem solving!)

·       Is this the high level of customer service and satisfaction that FIZZ truly aspires to?

·       Shouldn’t FIZZ contact me to resolve this, instead of just ignoring me or telling me to wait patiently, while it overcharges me for substandard service?


I told all my friends and family that I was switching when I gave them my new ph#.  They told me this was a scam, and that I was making a mistake.  I convinced them that FIZZ would be a great service.  Now they are all interested in signing up but are still waiting for me to be the “guinea pig” before they switch services.  At this point, I must unfortunately admit that the time and effort it takes to get a simple service from FIZZ is much too expensive and exhausting. 

All I really want is HELP to get the service that I was promised, at the price I was promised! 

FIZZ brags that it is 100% online.  Therefore resetting a VM PIN should be something every client is able to do through their account or the FIZZ website, or at least through FIZZ CHAT!  The fact that you can’t, while FIZZ gives clients no other service options, is unfathomable. 

Changing my plan without warning or even my agreement and tricking me out of 2 months of BETA pricing is frankly underhanded.

My 15 day trial period ends December 4th.  If the VM and pricing issues are not resolved before then, I will have to swallow my pride, crawl back to a reliable carrier like Rogers Wireless, and tell everyone I know about this FIZZ misadventure when I give them my NEW new ph#. 

UGH!  I know that I will be the butt of many jokes during this holiday party season! 



Thank you.  Your private response helped me make a positive decision.


You claimed (a) I had the BETA pricing and (b) that my plan was unchanged.  I checked.  This is false. 


While my CURRENT billing rate remains at the BETA price, my NEXT billing cycle still shows $34.  It previously showed the lower BETA price. 


Either you “misunderstood” again, or you are deliberately lying to me to cover for FIZZ. 



I respect that you are a FIZZ employee, and that it is your job to be a FIZZ apologist.  You side stepped, obfuscated or ignored all of my questions very professionally.   However false statements as noted above are a red line for me.


I can no longer trust you, or FIZZ. 

Furthermore, I can not spend this holiday season missing voicemails from friends and family, or trying to work around the “call forwarding” option that is also faulty, or spend any more time or effort thinking about or attempting to rectify the problems with this substandard service.


I just thought I should give everyone who helped me the courtesy of knowing why I will cancel my service today. 

There is a great community of very nice, helpful, and ultimately PATIENT people out there.  I respect them, and wish them all the best during this holiday season.


Since I am in my 15 day trial period, FIZZ should return my money.  I certainly hope that will go well, but I sincerely have my doubts.


Happy Holidays and best of luck to the Community.