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Can't really change plan whenever if I want to keep introductory prices?

So I was excited because I thought we could change the plan anytime, whenever, to meet my needs, but I can't really do that if I'm subscribing with the introductory prices right?

"What will happen when the launch phase will come to an end?
To thank you for your first-hand support, the introductory price of your plan will remain into effect for as long as you keep it. Make sure, however, not to change your plan, or else regular prices will apply."

So if i choose the 38$ plan (Canada Wide + 6gb data + Unlimited Text & Minutes + Voicemail) right now and want to change to USA + Canada Coverage next month for a planned trip and change back later to my original plan, both will be at regular (more expensive) price, is that right?

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You can not change your plan whatsoever, only add-ons can be tweaked.