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Voicemail has PIN I never set up!

My VM has a PIN that I never set up.
Just started svc on the 20th, but can't access or set up VM or get my messages.

1234 or 2018 do not work for VM PIN.

Website ireset nstructions do not work. Links to 404 error pages.

CS chat has opened ticket. Said 2 wait 4 a response. When? Just wait. Seriously???

Really disappointed ! Can anyone help me get into my VM? Really need 2 get my messages!!!

Hi Lucien

Ho man... I feel for you! What a mess...

Anyways tanks for your comments and best wishes for the upcoming holidays.

Hope you will find peace! ;)

Take care!

Cheers :))

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You should have received an SMS text with your pre-set Voicemail pin. If you did not, I suggest logging in and using the chat bubble for support.



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Like the guy said before, you are supposed to receive an SMS text with a temporary, preset PIN.



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Hey.. no, this still hasn't been fixed for me either, they sent me suggestion, but that still doesn't work, it's been over a week now that I can't access voicemail. They do answer, but only like once a day, and even then..

Thank you Sean H & Peter M. Unfortunately, I got no text, CHAT can not reset PIN or otherwise solve the issue, and I can still not access my VM.

I would really like to get access to my VM! \
Any help, other than suggesting CHAT again, would be appreciated.

I have read many complaints about VM not working as mine.

I have been told that it's being under reviews by Fizz team specialist.

In my opinion they are experiencing a major reconfiguration of the VM and Call Foward system.

But first can you get any TXT messages?

If not, you should check your APN settings and restart your phone



Hope this works out.. keep us posted



I just remember that when I put up my account I didn't get a PIN number for my VM. I only had to dial in to the VM and then follow instructions to set up a PIN of my own.

So, maybe you could try to dial in the VM 514-647-0999 then press the # key to skip the PIN validation with an empty PIN... you might get lucky :)

As I was writing this, I was chatting with CS to report the "reinitialize your VM PIN" link not working on Fizz website. It seems that they were not aware of that!


My APN settings seem fine. I verified that yesterday.
I have been getting text messages. I just have not received any TXT with my VM PIN from FIZZ.

It seems there is a PIN set, but I did not set it, and I do not know what it is.

I have tried to access my VM BOTH from my Cell phone, and 1- 514-647-0999, then my cell#.
I have tried 1234, 2018, the last 4 digits of my cell#, and blank (just hitting #). Nothing works. ☹

The instructions on the Web site to change a PIN produce a 404 Page not Found error. (Seriously???)

The instructions on the Web site to activate voicemail (in My Plans > Manage plan > Make changes to this plan > Change plan > Voicemail). are also wrong. Doing this just increases my plan price from the Beta price to the full “normal” price. (Why would FIZZ misinform is customers this way?)

I have been on CHAT. After waiting over a half hour, the CS Rep was polite and professionally sympathetic, but ultimately useless. She could not perform ANY basic fix, like reset the PIN, text it to my phone, or tell me what it is. A “ticket was generated, but I have no clue when this issue will be resolved. SOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!

Any other ideas on how I can get my VM messages out of “FIZZ Jail?”

Mean while, if you have a 2nd line you can forward your calls to, I can walk you through how I did it.
It's a bit tedious, cause the "All call forward" (*21) doesn't work but there is a workaround.



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I still have the same problem as you, haven't had an update from support. I just sent another message by FB chat, because responding to their email bounces a message back that they don't take replies.

Hi Rene.


Thanks for your interest. 

Unfortunately no, the voicemail and pricing issues have not been resolved. 



Worse, the “private response” from WHIZZ on my question “Will my next billing cycle be on the “regular” price, or do I get another 2 billing cycles at the BETA price?” contained false statements that I believe were deliberate lies. 


I’m so disappointed. 

I can’t trust FIZZ or WHIZZ, so I’ll do no more BIZZ. 



I am cancelling my service today.  I can not spend this holiday season missing voicemails from friends and family, or trying to work around the “call forwarding” option that is also faulty, or spend any more time or effort thinking about or attempting to rectify the problems with this substandard service.


Before they remove my account, I want to thank you and the Community for all your help and follow up.  I can’t believe that you can tolerate all the problems.  I don’t have the time or energy! 



Respect and Happy Holidays. 

You were a bright spot in this miserable experience.