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How to port a number?

I posted a similar question and received an answer from user M.A. who was able to do it. @M.A., can you please provide instructions on how you did it, I cannot find the option in my account settings. Did you do it via chat? I would have posted this as a follow up question, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it via Web interface.

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Hi Horia,
It is not complicated, you have 1st go to into web site http://www.fizz.ca/activate, I don't remember the steps by heart, but you have to enter the number on the sim card, then follow the steps, on the process, the system will ask you to post a number or chose one of the list. You have to know your carrier, your account number or you can use your IEMI.
Hope that this help

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To transfer your number, you must do it in the initial process of when you are activating your SIM card. If you already cancelled the old account, you will lose your number.

Hope this helps!