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The phone and text sevices don't work in my house

The phone and text services don't work in my house, other networks do (Videotron, Bell, Koodoo etc...). I think the internet actually works. I want to be a client, but how can I stay one if I can't make or recieve calls or send / recieve texts? It's been more then a month already without a phone. I tried the APNs ect. Also, I've been trying to use the chat option on this site for weeks, and I can never find where to open it, and there is no support email address. What should I do now?



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You can submit a support request via Facebook Messenger or by logging into your account, clicking on "My profile" then "Contact forms" (submit a complaint). Don't expect an instant response though, it will take several hours to hear back. I had the same problem you had twice. After I reported it the first time, it took a week for them to fix it. The second time it took 11 days. Good luck.